These Are Some of the Best Reasons to Buy a Used Maserati

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Maserati_AM115_edited-e1560286795749When purchasing a Maserati, you have to make many critical decisions. Although each vehicle the popular luxury brand releases is sure to boast impressive performance and unparalleled design, every model is unique.
Taking the time to decide which is right for your goals, needs, and tastes is simply a smart way to ensure you’re more than happy with your investment. One decision you have to make is whether to buy a new or pre-owned Maserati. There are reasons to consider both options. That said, if you’re leaning in the direction of a pre-owned vehicle, the following are some of the more noteworthy benefits you’ll enjoy:


Of course, affordability is the most obvious reasons to purchase a used Maserati. Typically, buying pre-owned is less expensive than buying a completely new vehicle. This is due to depreciation, the value lost on a new car after it leaves the lot. A new car loses the most value in the first few years after its purchase and then depreciates more slowly after that. You can use this fact to your advantage and purchase a pre-owned Maserati for much less than a brand-new one, even if the car is only a year or two old. Of course, you don’t want to sacrifice quality in favor of savings—but when you’re buying a pre-owned Maserati from an authorized dealer, you don’t have to worry about that.

Access to More Models and More Options

Again, every Maserati is unique. You’ll likely have to explore your options before deciding which appeals to you the most. You may find that you’re more interested in models the brand no longer manufactures, or that you love the look and feel of a particular model year. And of course, classic Maseratis are a huge draw for many collectors. For example, the original Maserati Ghibli (AM115), in production from 1967 through 1973, is an absolutely head-turning vehicle recognized as one of the top sports cars of the 1960s. Its rarity means that you’ll pay a high price if you can find one, but for many discerning collectors, this cost is well worth it.

Timeless Design

Maserati’s designers pay close attention to every detail when planning both the exterior and interior of their vehicles. This dedication to their craft may explain how they’re consistently able to strike a delicate balance between forward-looking aesthetics and classic design values. With some brands, buying a used car means accepting that your vehicle will look somewhat outdated on the road. That’s not a concern when you buy a pre-owned Maserati. Although the vehicle isn’t new, it will still possess a timeless quality that ensures it looks stunning on the road.

Top-of-the-Line Features

You might believe that purchasing a used Maserati will naturally require you to forego the latest technology and features. This is an understandable assumption to make. That said, it doesn’t always correspond to reality. As a luxury car brand, Maserati is often ahead of the curve when it comes to new amenities and tech. Many of its newest vehicles boast features that won’t be incorporated in most general consumer market cars for at least several more years. Even if you select a used Maserati that’s a few years old, there’s a good chance your vehicle will still feature innovative technology that’s difficult to find in cars from regular manufacturers.


Some car buyers worry that used cars are less reliable than newer vehicles. This is another assumption that’s easy to make, but it’s not always true. Any car’s condition will certainly degrade over time, but luckily, this occurs to Maserati cars at a fairly slow rate. Although your experience will vary based on a number of factors, a Maserati less than a decade old should still perform reliably for at least another decade before you need to make significant repairs to address performance issues—and this is especially true if you purchase a pre-owned Maserati from an authorized dealership. This is yet another way in which Maserati stands out among luxury vehicle brands. In fact, thanks to modern innovations, the brand’s engineers and designers are creating vehicles that last even longer than models of the past.

Maximizing Your Collection

It’s worth noting that this may not be the first Maserati you’ve bought, and it may not be the last. Perhaps you’re a dedicated auto enthusiast looking to add another vehicle to your collection. If so, you already know that collecting cars is a very expensive hobby if you only purchase new models. Buy a pre-owned Maserati, on the other hand, and you can expand your collection for a much lower cost. This is worth remembering whether you already have an impressive car collection or you’re just starting one.

The more money you save on an individual purchase, the more vehicles you’ll be able to collect in the future. Again, this tip is also important to consider if you want to add a model that’s no longer in production to your collection. In these circumstances, your only option is to buy a used one. These are all good reasons to consider buying a pre-owned Maserati. Of course, there are benefits to buying new models as well. That’s why it helps to discuss what you’re looking for with a qualified Maserati dealer. An expert can help you better understand which option is best for you.

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