Apple CarPlay & Android Auto available now in the 2017 Ghibli

April 18th, 2019 by

Apple-CarPlay-Android-Auto-available-now-in-the-2017-GhibliThe Maserati Ghibli is a supreme example of Italian design, combining sleek, sporty contours with expert engineering prowess. It also offers levels of luxury for which Maserati is world renowned.

The Ghibli gets 5 new tech features for 2017

1. Upgraded Infotainment System

The updated 8.4″ TFT HD multi-touch display is a beautiful as it is functional, while connecting you smartphone using the latest version of Apple CarPlay and Andorid Auto.
Apple Carplay in Maserati Ghibli

2. Surround View Camera

The Surround-view system provides a clear 360° view for a parking aid and to assist with removing blind zones.
Maserati Ghibli Surround View Camera

3. Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go

Maserati’s Adaptive Cruise Control allows the driver to keep cruise control engaged while driving, without having to constantly reset the system when approaching slower moving vehicles. This driver assistance system reduces the driver workload,especially in congested and stop&go traffic conditions.

4. Forward Collision Warning

The forward-collision warning system monitors vehicles ahead by means of a camera, and warns the driver if the car’s approach could escalate into a collision. This is linked to the advanced brake-assist system, which provides additional braking during an emergency stop.
920 × 300

5. Lane Departure Warning

Thanks to a camera located in the interior rear-view mirror that monitors the road markings ahead, the lane-departure warning system helps the driver keep the vehicle in the chosen lane on motorways and main roads reducing lane drift and lateral collision hazard.

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